Tui Tuimato Sauce
  • Tui Tuimato Sauce

Tui Tuimato Sauce

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Tui TUimato sauce - 575g


It goes without saying that the universal activity of Tui drinkers is getting on the sauce. It’s also common knowledge how much you roosters love your actual sauce, in particular sauce of a tomato genre. That ‘cause it goes hand-in-hand with most of your major food groups: BBQs, fish & chips, bacon and eggs, pies, pizza, mum’s leftover meatloaf, etc. Some with some good ol’d fashioned roll-your-sleeves-up-experimenting-in-the-kitchen; Tui have created a masterpiece – Tuimato Sauce. It’s chunky, it’s delicious, it’s worthy, it’s man’s best friend – it’s Tuimato Sauce and it’s coming to enhance a meal near you.